How to Clean And Maintain An Outdoor Sofa Set

How to Clean And Maintain An Outdoor Sofa Set

The regular cleaning and maintenance of an outdoor sofa set gives a natural and pristine look to your space. The manufacturing of these sofas makes them water, stain, and mold-resistant, but constant exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause damage. Not only weather conditions but mishaps like oil or water spills could be a reason for stains. Cleaning these sofa sets helps maintaining their appearance and functionality tip-top. This guide by Custom Sofa Dubai will help you with regular sofa cleaning and maintenance.

Why it’s Essential to Clean Outdoor Sofa Set

Why it’s Essential to Clean Outdoor Sofa SetIt is necessary to keep your sofa clean because it increases its lifespan and adds value to your space by making it elegant and attractive. They provide comfort and relaxation and maintain the beauty of the outdoor area. Regular maintenance makes your furniture look new and protects it from damage like stains, scratches, and cracks. It is recommended to remove the accumulated dust and do regular cleaning as it will prevent your maintenance cost.

Cleaning Methods

Different sofa materials need different clwaning methods to maintain their looks. Most sofa frame materials can be maintained using non-abrasive soap, lukewarm water, or a mild detergent.

Tools And Materials

  1. Warm Water
  2. Detergent
  3. Hose
  4. Bleach (Optional)
  5. Soft Brush
  6. Tarp
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Traditional / Microfiber Cloth
  9. Soft Rag

Method 1: (Wicker Wood)

Wicker WoodThe sofas made from wicker wood are durable. Wicker wood is made from synthetic material, which gives your space a stylish yet attractive look. They are versatile, which means they can go with all types of styles. They can be easily cleaned. It is also known as all-weather-wicker, made from resin or vinyl. The natural wicker is weaved with diverse natural plants like bamboo and seagrass. Below are some simple steps to clean a wicker wood sofa bed.

  • Before starting cleaning, remove the cushions as they can be damaged in the cleaning process.
  • A dry cloth will easily remove dust particle from your sofa surface.
  • Take a spray bottle and add one cup of water with dishwashing soap to make a solution.
  • Spray the sofa frame and use brush scrubing method to remove dirt.
  • Use a hose to remove excessive dirt and dust with minimum heating temperature.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface and let it dry.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents and power washers.

Method 2: (Teak Wood)

Teak Wood Outdoor Sofa Set CleanThe teak wood has a firm structure made from natural material. It has straight or interlocked grains. Teak wood has coarser or and sometimes smooth texture. It produces natural oil due to which the wood becomes shiny and greasy. It is considered as best for outdoor space.

  • Prepare mixture of water and a small amount of mild detergent. For mold you can add bleach but it is optional and before applying test it to a hidden area.
  • Wear gloves as bleach can cause harm to the skin.
  • Now remove cushions and apply the mixture on the surface.
  • Use soft brush and smoothly scrub the surface.
  • To remove excessive dirt use a hose.
  • Take a dry cloth to remove water and let it dry.
  • It is recommended to don’t use a power washer if cracks are present because it can cause errosion.

Method 3: (Metal Frames)

Metal Frames Outdoor Sofa Set CleanThe metal based frames of outdoor sofa set are not entirely waterproof but resistant to stain, and mold. The metal frames like aluminium, iron, steel are susceptible to rust but a regular cleaning and maintenance can make them durable. Mostly people prefer metal sofas for sturdy and long-lasting factors.

  • To clean the metal frames make a solution of mild detergent and water.
  • Apply it to the dirty area and scrub it using a soft brush.
  • Rinse it using luke-warm water.
  • Let it air dried completely or use a dry cloth.

Cushion Fabric Cleaning

Cushion Fabric CleaningThe outdoor sofas comes with cushion sets and keeping them clean and dirt-free is necessary. The fabric from these cushion are made could be cotton or linen. The excessive heat could cause discoloration and keeping them uncleaned could cause the accumulation of dust and germs.

  • It is advised to store the sofa cushions when the furniture is not in use. This will protect them from discoloration and dust.
  • Wash the cushion covers once a week either by machine-washing or hand-washing with mild detergent.
  • It is best to hand wash the cover because it reduces any damage and avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Read the manufacturer instructions before using any detergent or soap.
  • Clean the stain asap if something spill on it because the longer the stain persist, it could be hard to remove.

Maintenance Tips

Below are some maintenance tips that will increase the lifespan of your sofa set and maintain its elegance.

  1. Regular cleaning is necessary. Use a microfibre cloth and remove the dust on regular basis. It will keep them clean and fresh.
  2. When you see some damage or fadness, use protective coatings like sealants, and UV resistant coatings. It will protect from UV rays and heat.
  3. There are also available furniture covers to keep your sofa set out of reach from sunlight. When they are not in use, place covers on them. This will prevent dust, and debris.
  4. Regular Inspection of any damage or crack will give you a chance of timely repair. This will prevent you from replacement.
  5. Keep them in shades or under an area with roof. This will protect them from UV- rays, fadness, and discoloration.


It is essential to keep your outdoor areas’ sofa set clean because it faces dirt and weather conditions continuously. An uncleaned set could have dust particles, and discoloration which reduces the attraction of your space. There is a broad list of effective cleaning methods available to help you out in sofa maintenance process. The most preferable method is to clean your sofa set using a detergent that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the maintenance tips mentioned in this blog, will increase the longevity and luxurious appearance of your couch/ sofa.

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