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We are presenting you with our high-quality and soft sofa cushions dubai at reasonable prices. You can select any cushion set from our latest variety and can make your seating area more comfortable.

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Noteworthy Features of Our Modern Sofa Cushions Dubai

Our trendiest cushions for sofas are available at low prices which are meant to facilitate you in so many amazing ways. Getting your hands on these plush cushions and pillows means enjoying their incredible features which we have mentioned here. 

  • Enhanced Comfort: Our soft sofa Set cushions are meant to add comfort to your area. They are soft enough to make you feel relaxed after a hectic day. 
  • Quality Material: We assure you of the quality material, i.e. sofa cushions dubai foam used in the manufacturing of our exquisite sofa cushion set. 
  • Versatile Variety: Our cushions, pillows or bolsters are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, or designs to complement your existing furnishing. 
  • Last Longer: They have sofa cushions higher durability and can last for so many years with no quick wear and tear while providing you with a comfortable area. 
  • Customizable: You can get our pillows or large cushions for sofas with custom designs by our experts. Get in touch to share your creative designs. 
  • Ease of Maintenance: They do not require any high maintenance process and can get cleaned easily, saving you energy and time. 

Get Plushest Sofa Cushions from Our Top Rated Brand

Custom Sofa Dubai has been serving in the United Arab Emirates for several years and is now known as the best brand. You can even purchase our sofa cushion covers with exquisite designs and unique patterns. Our team of highly trained workers goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.

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Reliable Cushions Dubai

Our Gleaming Gallery of Sofa Cushion Sets

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Place an Order for Our Custom Sofa Cushions in Dubai Online

We have our online store available as well to provide you with a convenient shopping experience. You can now place an order for the customization of these sofa cushions by contacting our professionals, online. They will tailor the cushions, pillow, or bolsters according to your specific needs.

Browse the Complete Variety of Our Quality Sofa Cushions Dubai

Sofa cushions are always an important part of any couch which contributes to providing you with a relaxed environment. We have a complete range of these cushions available at us from which you can select. Each type of cushion set has its own characteristics, and you can have them in any shade, pattern, design, or fabric.

Here, we have mentioned some of our hot-selling majlis sofa cushion along with their top qualities. All of these cushions are available at very reasonable pricing. They not only offer the addition of comfort but also create an inviting atmosphere and make your room look really adorable.

Outdoor Sofa Cushions

Outdoor Sofa Cushions

These are weather-resistant cushions made to withstand intense climate conditions. With these cushions, you can extend the comfort even in outdoor areas.

Floor Cushion Sofa

Floor Cushion Sofa

Our floor cushions sofas are designed to add uniqueness to your space. You can get them in any size and can make that spot a focus of attention.

Feather Filled Cushions

Feather Filled Cushions

Our feather-filled cushions are made to provide you with a comfortable seating experience with their soft feel.

Tufted Sofa Cushions

Tufted Sofa Cushions

These cushions can add elegance and a touch of perfect charm to your couches. They are designed exquisitely and can perfectly create an inviting atmosphere.

Scatter Sofa Cushions

Scatter Sofa Cushions

These are known as throw pillows and are small in size. They are a versatile option to opt for and act as perfect decorative elements, thus enhancing the overall look of your room.

Oversized Cushions

Oversized Cushions

Our large cushions for sofas are increasingly popular and are considered an excellent choice. They provide you with a relaxed and casual seating area.

Our Comprehensive Sofa Cushion Solutions in Dubai

Why Should You Select Us for Sofa Cushions in Dubai?

People in Dubai consider us as a prior choice because of our reliable services, product quality, affordable pricing, and extensive variety.

  • We are 24/7 available online.
  • You can ask for our expert’s advice.
  • We offer a free quotation service.
  • Our workers do super fast delivery of the order.
  • We do proper and quality packaging of the order.
  • We bring complete satisfaction to our customers.

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Appreciative Notes from Our Valuable Customers

Did you know you can customize your upholstery at Custom Sofa Dubai?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

PU (Polyurethane) Foam is the ideal option for sofa cushions. Additionally, you can consider options like feathers, memory foam, high and low-density foam, depending on your preferences, as each type has particular properties and varying levels of comfort provision.

Of course! All our sofa cushion Dubai covers are not just easy-to-maintain but highly stain-resistant as well. However, it’s important that you stick to dedicated cleaning techniques regarding every cover type, such as some can be machine washed while others have to be hand washed. You can reach out to us regarding the maintenance practices of every cushion type.

Everyday maintenance can be done by dusting the cushions or preferably cleaning them with an upholstery attachment. For deeper cleaning, you can make use of warm soapy water and perform mild blotting. Additionally, slipcovers can be used while the cushions are not in use and/or during extreme weather conditions.

Sofa cushion boards or sofa support boards do the job of reinforcing and firming up those cushions that have been flattened. They help maintain the right kind of support provision and can also be used to restore the shape of a cushion. Investing in these boards is a great approach to maintaining your sofa cushions.

While the density selection is entirely a matter of personal choice, being educated with the various options is a favorable idea. The three general types of sofa cushion foam density are Low-density foam having 1.2 to 1.8 pounds per cubic foot density, Medium-density foam with a 1.8 to 2.5 PCF and High-density foam which has 2.5 to 3.0 PCF or more than that.